Wherever you are from, whatever brought you here...  You are part of the special stuff that makes Greater Manchester glorious. Let's celebrate what it is to be from round ‘ere. Let's showcase our pride in being Greater Mancunian.

Forever Manchester Week is a week designed for the people of Greater Manchester to raise money for their local communities. Whether home-grown or adopted, it’s a chance to share your pride and support for your home.

During this week, you can do whatever you like to fundraise. It can be an idea from the sublime to the ridiculous - nothing is off limits.

100% of all the money raised will stay within Greater Manchester and support the neighbourhoods and communities that make this place so great.

Tell us about it, don’t be shy. Whatever you’re doing, let us know.

We will list your event on this website and promote it to our supporters across our social media channels.

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