One week of Manc-styled fundraising, supporting community activity throughout Greater Manchester

Fellow Mancs. The city-dwelling Mancs. The Greater Mancs. The adopted Mancs.
Wherever you are from. Whatever brought you here.

You are part of the special stuff that makes Greater Manchester glorious.
We want to truly celebrate what it is to be from round ‘ere.

We can’t do that in a day, so to get our special magic out there, we’ve made a huge compromise and settled for one glorious week in sunny June.

We need you to help us make it an amazing week of creative mayhem.
We need you to be as daft, Manc and creative as you damn well like.

One week of Manc-styled fundraising will make the world of difference.

One week to celebrate and support the community activity which sets us apart from everyone else.

We want the people of Greater Mancunia to realise their unknown potential. We won’t let community projects be held back by lack of funds.

We want children to be spoiled by opportunity. We need you to be part of the momentum. 

We need you to make some noise. So come on, get involved and help Forever Manchester raise a fat pile of dosh for the communities where we all love, live, work and play.

Photo (35).JPG

Anything you want to do, but remember, ‘this is Manchester, we do things differently here’.

We don’t need this to be perfect but here’s the thing… we’re not going to spoon feed you. 

Do it yourselves like your parents always told you. This is truly where you come into your own!

It couldn’t be easier all you need is you and your colleagues or your mates and possibly a strong desire to wear double denim, round sunglasses, Liam wigs and maracas.


We’ve produced a fundraising pack containing all the information you need to spark off your Manc fundraising creativity.

Also check out our WHAT’S ON page to see all the events and activities that will be taking place in Forever Manchester Week for you to get involved with. 


We are a charity with a clear purpose.

We fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester with donations raised from individuals, families and businesses.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be happy.

We believe that our communities have unlimited potential and boast thousands of talented individuals who know what they want and how to go about it.

We believe that this potential is often overlooked and undervalued, but critical if we are to build happy, stronger, thriving communities.

We do not label people as disadvantaged or define them by problems and needs.

We focus on what’s strong not
what’s wrong.

We provide a hand up not a hand out.

We aim to strengthen communities and enrich local life by inspiring local people to do extraordinary things together.